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Do you need help regarding financing? We cooperate with both Spanish and English banks and can help you with the contacts. Most banks also have English speaking staff. It’s important to have the financing in order before you make a decision, so you know you are able to make a purchase when you have found your dream home. In general, you cannot borrow in England with the Spanish property as collateral.

On the other hand, you can borrow in England to buy a property in Spain. You can also borrow money for your property purchase through Spanish banks. The possibility of borrowing may differ from bank to bank, but the main rule is that you can borrow 80% if you are a registered resident of Spain and between 60% -70% if you are not a registered citizen in Spain. The percentage of loans is based on the lowest value of the purchase price without additional costs, or at the value that the appraiser gives the property so that the bank can make a decision for the amount of the loan.

We at BEST HOME will help you with finding a financing solution that suits your situation.