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Be sure to make your home ready for photography

Good photos are a great opportunity to showcase the excellence of your property. Remember to clean properly and gladly remove any unnecessary things. The tidier and clearer the property appears, the easier the buyers can visualize their personal preferences.  

Clear the rooms

  • Put away as much as possible. Keep in mind that clean surfaces look best in photos. Clean out shoes and outerwear from the hall, hide toiletries, pull the shower curtain back, and remove the TV remotes from the living room. The same applies to kitchen and bedroom, remove any refrigerator magnets and shopping lists, make sure there are no dishes on the kitchen counter. Put away too many rather than too few of the adornments. Last but not least, take down any personal pictures you have of the family, the cat or the dog. The buyer must be able to visualize that he / she lives there.

Showcase your rooms

  • Pull up the blinds and pull the curtains away. Turn on lights but avoid lights that create strong reflexes or shadows. Choose the perfect time to photograph the room when the daylight is at is best. Create a cozy atmosphere. Buy some nice flowers and put some fresh fruit in a fruit bowl.

BEST HOME can help arrange photographing of your apartment. Contact us for more information.