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Rent out

Rent your home

A good idea to make an income from your home when you do not use it yourself is to rent it out. BEST HOME offers a full rental service exclusively for our buying customers at a discounted price. We will help you with everything regarding the rental; advice, application of rental license, advertising, customer relations, rental contract, key service, cleaning and laundry. Just tell us which weeks the property is available to rent for guests, and BEST HOME will take care of the rest and pay the net amount into your account. Did you know that you are likely to receive the same amount of rent per week during the high season of July and August as per month during the middle or the low season?

We offer a professional rental service at our own local office that takes care of all the practicalities of renting in a professional way, for the benefit of both landlord and tenant.

BEST HOME helps to handle our customers’ rental, including:

  • Advertising
  • Application for a license
  • Advertising on Real Estate Property sites
  • Client relation management
  • Intermediation
  • Contract
  • Keys
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry

Things good to know

Is it safe to let my property?

Whether it is a short-term or long-term rental, a rental agreement is signed. The agreement makes it clear what is expected of both parties. Review your insurance as to what is applicable when renting out your property, and you will may consider removing any specific personal belongings and valuables.

What do I have to do?

The property should be clean and tidy to make sure there are room for your guests fit with their garments and bags. Fresh sheets, made up beds and towels for all guests. It is also nice to have some chilled drinks, fruit and snacks for guests arriving late or if you live far from a store. Please put together written information about the special things to consider at your home. Where is the fire extinguisher and where is the main tap to the water, what is the password for your Wi-Fi and how do you turn on the TV?

A list of instructions regarding cleaning and care can also be of great use. A phone number to a neighbor who may be helpful regarding easy questions may also be helpful. And it would be lovely if you would provide some tips regarding the neighborhood – maybe your favorite restaurants, walkways, beaches and sights. The best bakery and the nearest supermarket are also great insider tips that your guests will appreciate!

What is included in the rent?

In addition to the monthly rent, it is necessary to calculate current costs for electricity, heating, water and internet. We at BEST HOME will help you find the right amount for renting out your property.

Handover of keys

BEST HOME can handle the handover of keys on arrival and departure.

Cleaning and laundry

BEST HOME offers both cleaning and laundry services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering renting out your property. BEST HOME offers a full rental service for our customers.