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Selling a property in Spain

We will help you with everything regarding your property sale! Selling a home abroad usually means some major differences when it comes to the usual procedure in your home country. Languages, culture, laws, taxes and administration can differ. We will help you throughout the process, as well as guide you regarding the economic and legal issues that may arise. We at BEST HOME want you to feel secure throughout the entire process. 

Documents we need regarding your property

When we start marketing your property, we need some documents for the property. The more information we have about the property, the better and faster we can market it.

Documents needed:

  • Copy of Deed (Escritura), and a Nota Simple (from the Land Registry) not older than 1 month.
  • Copy of the last paid bill of Community Fees (Communidad).
  • Certificate from the municipality showing that IBI, the municipal property tax, has been paid.

We will of course follow all the directives stated in the Spanish Decreto 218.

Legal assistance regarding sale of real estate

We always recommend our clients to hire a law firm, preferably an agency where they speak both Spanish and English. The law firm serves as an adviser and monitors the clients’ interests so that no surprises will occur at the time of sale or afterwards. Your lawyer can answer both legal and tax issues and help with all your sales including important issues such as legalities and wills.

Contact us for more information if you would like to sell your property.