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The Sale Process

When selling a home in Spain, it is important to know that the process will differ from selling a property in for example England. The process usually takes a little longer time, but BEST HOME will help you and guide you throughout the process.

Responsibility when selling

As a seller, you are required to make an energy declaration of the property before the sale. This shall then be handed over to the buyer in connection with the sale. BEST HOME can recommend successful associates that perform energy declarations. As a seller, you must also provide documentation about the home such as a certificate of ownership (Nota Simple), Deed, information of property tax, community fees, etc.

How is my property being valued?

Before your home is marketed for sale, an assessment of the value is made. Many people already have an estimated personal value of their home, but references of real sales of equivalent properties is necessary to set a realistic price for the market. With a good valuation we can help you set the right price. We at BEST HOME have access to a wide range of properties and have good reference prices in all areas where we operate.


What is the actual operating cost of the home you want to sell? What repairs are needed in the near future and at what costs? Your potential buyers will consider this information when they prepare for what they are willing to pay. We will help you with these calculations.


Before a sale process begins, an agreement is signed between you and BEST HOME. The agreement regulates the sales assignment.


When you as a seller with our help have agreed on a selling price with the buyer, a purchase contract, a so-called “arras” or “Option de Compras” is signed. The contract includes the price and date for the Notary signing. When the contract is signed, the buyer first pays a partial payment of the final signing, which is paid on the day at the Notary. This contract is subsequently replaced by a new Deed with the notary.


The notary receives the payment and is responsible for paying accrued taxes and fees and prepares the final Deed. An agreement with the buyer to hand over the keys of the property is made after the signing.

BEST HOME will help you with everything regarding the Sale Process. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.